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Bertha 12 oz Candle

Bertha 12 oz Candle

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Bertha is an iconic signature of The Grateful Dead. There are so many ways you can interpret the song, of course, but here at Lilypad Lights, we like the concept that it is a reference to the Buddhist principle that people continually cycle through birth-death-reincarnation and it’s a plea to stop the cycle and remain on the plane of enlightenment. 

Based on this, we created Bertha - a blend of earthy and spicy elements, combined with cannabis, and a touch of floral and fruit to round it out. It’s unlike anything you’ve smelled before in the best possible way. ( Note: this product DOES NOT contain cannabis, nor any byproducts of cannabis. It is made using fragrance oil.)

This Item is not eligible for B2G1.

Bertha is part of Lilypad Lights ‘American Beauty’ collection. A series of Grateful Dead-themed fragrances.

Lilypad Lights’ products are all lovingly handcrafted with pure soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, wood wicks and have zero wax additives. (12oz jar, approx 9.2 oz by volume, average 40+ hour burn time.)

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