About Lilypad Lights

Scent and fragrance have always been something that was important to me. The smell of certain foods signaled holidays, fresh coffee brewing is morning, baked goods, seasonal scents, I could go on... I developed quite a wicked candle habit. While I loved fragrance, I was bothered by the soot, smoke and stains that so many store-bought candles left behind. So, it became my mission to make better ones for myself and my family. My husband and friends were very supportive test subjects, and ultimately I got it right (or at least the beginning of "right"). 

Officially founded in 2016, this business and these products are my passion. The company is named for my daughter, and I try to show both of my children that hard work and dedication can help them to realize any dream they may have. My little 'project' has grown into a steady business, in large part due to word-of-mouth. I am grateful and in awe of what I have created. I cannot wait to see what it becomes. Thank you for stopping by. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your Lilypad Light. It was handcrafted just for you.