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Lilypad Lights Artisan Soy Creations

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Serendipity is a fragrance of joy and whimsy, created to remember the uninhibited joy and laughter of childhood. It will keep you guessing- just when you think that you figured it out the scent  morphs in a different fragrance. A whiff of apple, no… a hint of mint… oats, maybe?…pineapple, wait a hint of cake. Unique, enticing,  and absolutely mesmerizing.

Lilypad Lights Artisan Creations’ products are all lovingly handcrafted with pure soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, wood wicks and have zero wax additives. (12.5 oz jar, approx 9 oz by volume, average 40+ hour burn time.  

4oz travel tins, average 12+ hour burn time. Color aNd pattern sent will be what is available at the time)

All 12.5 oz candles are B2G1 for 50%! No code required, simply add 3 candles to the cart. (mix and match any scents.) 

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